The important of ALT tag for your image

Monday, April 14th, 2008 | In Knowledge | Tags: ,

During my certificate study long time back, I remember when the first lesson of web-related class, my lecturer was taught us how to use <html.. and some scripts, the most important part is the ALT tag for image.

Until recently I have just realized that the important of the ALT tag that must use along with your images on the webpages. It does help to tell the search engine what image is about on your webpages, increase the large amount of traffic flow to your website/ weblog from the related ALT keywords that people search for. For example:

<img src=”ice-creams.jpg” alt=”a delicious ice-creams dessert” title=”a delicious ice-creams dessert”>

When search bots that crawl to your website/ weblog, this will be indexed. Somehow I also include the title because some browser such like FireFox is not recognize the ALT tag.


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