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Sunday, May 25th, 2008 | In Movies Entertainment |

The forbidden kingdom 2008, the first movie that unite 2 famous chinese martial acts stars, which are Jackie chan and Jet li that corporate to act on this movie. Both of them are my favourite movie actors, since I was young.

This is a joint US and China co-act movie, and the story is based on the character (Monkey King) on the classical Chinese novel called as “Journey to the West”. The movie is begin in the modern-day at Chinatown somewhere in the US. A teenage Michael Angarano acts as Jason who like Chinese Kung Fu very much was the guy, who carry the responsibility to east and free the Monkey King, with the ancient golden staff.

The Forbidden Kingdom
The Forbidden Kingdom, acts by Jackie chan and Jet li

This is a adventure movie, few exciting fighting scenes, very similar with the Journey to the West novel’s exciting storyline. And I had watched this movie last night, it was great and I was expecting some adventure movies from these martial acts movie stars such like Jackie chan, Jet li and so on.


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