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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Social Comm Networks |

Just about few weeks ago, SocialSpark has been launched, this is a great news for all the bloggers and advertisers. Socialspark using the blogs advertising method to help their advertisers to advertise on qualified blogs among of the thousands blogs that registered at their website, It is a quite and faster way to promote advertisers’ products and services. Whereas, bloggers can register themselves by claim by blog; wait for the account to be approved, then they can start to browse for the posting opportunity that offered by advertisers, and payment is based on pay per single post.

I had signed up an account at Socialspark, and this is my profile. The most likely features they offering are quite impressive. You can request to be friend of any blogger you like, you can communicate with others bloggers using the message board system, you can see your website statistics (Visits, pageviews, Alexa and so on), others can give comments or vote for you.

Beside these, Socialspark offers 3 types of blog post.
1. Sponsored post – Allow you to take opportunity and get pay once it has been approved.
2. Blog sponsorship – Running a scheduled advertisement on your blog, and price is calculated per day. For example, $0.55 / day and running for 10 days on your blog.
3. Spark – It is free, you blog for others, and expect others to blog you back on their website/ blog.

To know that you are qualify for the opportunities, you can simply see the 2 light are shown at green, both represent, “Open” and “Qualify”. Open means the opportunity still open for public; Qualify means, you are match the advertiser’s requirements for that particular opportunity.

The part that I most impressive are the graphic, layout of the website and the great opportunities for earning, whereas the part that I confuse is about taking the opportunities that offer by advertisers, once I add a slot and waiting for the opportunity, It can take up very long time for the opportunity to be assigned to you, that why I have not assign any since the time I join. You can add multiple of blogs at there to start your earning for each opportunity that you have taken.


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