Sizzling Mushroom Chicken Mee

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

I have been working at my new company for nearly three weeks, and get used to the working style and environment there. With all the great and user friendly colleagues; good activity likes bowling game sponsored by company; some big meal for the birthday and welcome lunch for new colleagues.

It is a great company, I not only can learn the advanced object oriented programming and the programming structure there, also I used to enjoy the time spends with my colleagues on activities and meal.

The only thing that not get into pretty scene is the foods and stuffs at KL always a bit more expensive than Petaling Jaya, Normally RM5 and above with the average taste of lunch. Sometime, I used to walk around 15 minutes for vegetarian food with my colleagues and sometime, I used to buy my lunch at my living place before go to work at morning.

sizzling mushroom chicken mee
Food of the day, sizzling mushroom chicken Mee RM4.00. This was the photo I took few week ago at food court of Citibank building, the time when I went to customer place for the software implementation and support before I switch my job to KL.

I will keep searching for the great food court with the good taste and cheaper price of meal at KL.


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