Short domain names are always the best choice

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Before running your website or weblog, the first thing is find a suitable and good domain name for your business, favorite blogging niche and so on, and the essential element when choosing a domain name is, short and meaning of the domain name.

The are a list advantage of having a short, meaningful of domain names, because.
1. It is easy to remember, and your visitors can always surf to your webpage without the need of bookmarking your website or weblog.
2. Visitors can straight away know your website or weblog’s content by first see your domain name. For example,, people will first it is related to transaction website without browse to the website before.
3. Possible to get higher change to be listed at higher rank at any search engine.
4. Can be easily resell or auction.

We can notice that many of the short and meaningful domain name have been taken or registered. So it could be hard to find a domain name with 4 – 6 characters of length. Try not to let others people controlling your business’ website or weblog by register free as sub-domain from them, such like; and so on. Because they are free and your contents of your website might be in risk once corrupted, hacked or disappeared, they not provide restoring from backup, support and so on, because they not charge any cent from you.


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