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Monday, January 14th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Have you been to Shang Hai? I wish to go there. However, I do not manage to go there at this moment. But I wish to try the food there. I heard it is very nice. So how? Here is the chance.

Last Saturday, I found a newly open shop name “Shang Hai Ren Jia”. It is situated opposite the NIT College, somewhere near Bormill Estate. The tauke neo was from Shang Hai. Below here I will share with you some photos of it.

Shang Hai Ren Jia - Interior Design
Some part of the interior design of the shop.

Shang Hai Ren Jia - Beverages
Left hand side: The cup is very cute. It makes me reminded of someone far far away. It is used to put in your fork and spoon. Right hand side: Wheat Grass water. Cost RM 2.00.

Shang Hai Ren Jia - Rice
The sweet and sour mushroom rice. It tasted quite sour. Cost about RM 4.50. There are other menu from the shop such as mee, tea, “diam sin”. I only manage to try the rice. I will go back there again to try other food. It is a nice place to hang out with your love one, your family and friends. The otherside of the interior design of the shop is very nice. You must go and see it yourself.


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    I was searching for information about \’Restaurant Interior\’, and this your page (\’ai Ren Jia Restaurant |\’) was in search results. Not sure why it appeared, but your site is still interesting to read :)

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