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Traffic for your website or weblog is sometimes rely on the SEO that done for your website or weblog. There are a basic example of self checklist succeeding at web promotion and search engine optimization. Using these knowledge probably you can generate more solid and reliable traffic and sales for your online business website as well as your weblog.

If you are on the learning on the basic knowledge of SEO, the following points should able to help you get through the most essential part to be fully utilize the advantage of search engine to bring you traffic.

1. Create and use search engine friendly content.
Content that easy to understand with proper grammes and unique is your most valuable asset, and ensuring search engines can read it and crawl on it. Text embedded in image or flash can not be read, so make sure you use the important keywords, headings and hyper links in plain text form.

2. Using the keyword properly and wisely.
One of the basic step of SEO, is the keywords. It determines the high rank of your webpages to be show on the search results, and the higher scored with be listed on the first page of the search result by Google, Yahoo or other search engine. Start writing down general terms that describe your products, services and web content end up with simple but user friendly keywords or phase in the contents.

3. Backlinks or incoming link to your website.
Offer a contest, link exchange with other webmaster. The most links from other websites to your website can increase the search rank by any search engines. If a well established site link to yours, that link carries more weight that normal website. This is why people willing to purchase an advertisement at popular website or weblog with the high monthly advertisement fee.

4. Join others social media network.
It had been proved, social media is a great place to populate your website, get more people to know about your website, so that the flow and large volume of people accessing to your website can generate a stable rank for your website traffic. The key to use social media and bookmarking websites is to get your entries and content widely distribute in short period on time.

These are the basic SEO for any learners and beginners that try to get more traffic to their website. Hope that these tips that I learn from articles can also apply for you and your online business.


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