Sea Food (part 4)

Thursday, June 19th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

Another set of the collectible sea food photos. The crab, fish and the prawns. They not only delicious, but the ways to decorate and using the right plates for different type of seafood, always let you have the natural sense while eating the seafoods.

Just can not resist the temptation of the seafood that well cooked with the good recipe and served at the right time to fulfill your food desire. According to the research, seafood can also be the source of protein, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium and so on, but not try to eat frequently, because too oily, the fat might not good for your healthy.

sea food 19
King crab, cook with session oil, salt and some chili powder, make the crab look shinning from outside and delicious when taste the meat. If cook with braised shar’k fin soup, it will be more delicious.

sea food 20
A piece of fish, cooked with garlic, sea weed and some not specified recipe, should be delicious. It looks like the shar’k fin.

sea food 18
Garlic and spicy crab. Especially for those who like to taste the spicy food.

sea food 17
Fried fish, with tomato, session oil and salt.

sea food 16
Fresh prawn, the most expensive food among the list. Put some lemon juice on it, will make the meat more prefect and delicious.

Additionally, below are some more delicious sea food photos.
sea food 25

sea food 24

sea food 23

sea food 22

sea food 21


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