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Screen Life games is a Seattle based entertainment company that produces DVD games. The company was established at year 2001, and it is popular with the “Scene It?” brand, with games that include Movie, Television, sports, music, Disney and more. Besides this, Screen life also has some interesting DVD games such like Disney Bingo, Thomas and friends bingo, nickelodeon bingo, and Disney princesses.

Disney Bingo DVD Games

There are list of my favorite characters, Disney songs and movie.
1. Mickey mouse – the famous cartoon character and the movie I watch all the time, when I was young.
2. Donald Duck – the funny character in the cartoon series.
3. Aladdin – the great cartoon characters about a lad, his princess and the adventure story.
4. Winnie the pool – the cute and lovely characters.
5. Cinderella – the touching story about Cinderella and her prince.
6. Disney princesses – the sleeping beauty.

The Disney songs
7. Colors of the wind.
8. A whole new world.
9. Sleeping beauty.

The Disney Movies
10. The jungle book.
11. The lion king.
12. Snow white and the seven dwarfs.
13. Toy story.
14. Mulan.
15. Mrs. Incredible – one of the best funny movies.

The new Screen life, Disney bingo DVD game would the best game for you, if you really like the Disney characters, song, and movies, because it is a good game for your leisure time as well as spending time with your kids and family, enjoying the game at the same time. Anytime is Disney bingo time, because it is hours of fun whether your are playing with family or friends. Probably the Disney bingo game involve some of the characters, movies on my top 15 list above.

All the Bingo games can be found at and with the affordable price. For more information, please visit to their website.


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