Schedule your future posts, When you are holiday

Sunday, March 16th, 2008 | In Knowledge |

Sometimes, Just very hard to schedule my daily time for blogging because sometimes are quite free, sometimes are busy with plenty of projects and sometimes are away for traveling.

So I might stop blogging, when I was traveling to other country or back to hometown, but the feature “Scheduled Entries” that offered by wordpress helps me solve this problem.

Scheduled Posts
Like an example, when I traveled to my hometown during the Chinese New Year 2008 for 2 weeks, and I used the “scheduled entries” for the blog posting, everyday when the time is reached, the posts are automatically published on live, to public.

The only thing is to pre-write all the scheduled entries before you go for the traveling and outstation, this also make your weblog has a fresh entry for every day to prevent the longer gap between the posts.


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