Royal Selangor Club Dinner 3

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Continued from the previous post. After finished the shark fin soup with mushroom, we were not full yet, and expecting for the next meal to be served. At that time we had not idea that how many plates of foods was ordered by our colleague, so I just concentrate on taking photos.

Royal Selangor Club Dinner 10
Here we had chicken meat that fried with oil, It looked nice and crispy. It was so delicious.

Royal Selangor Club Dinner 11
Before finish the fried chicken meat, another plate of fish was served.

Royal Selangor Club Dinner 12
Again, another plate of vegetable was served before we finished the fish and the fried chicken. Services were good, they not try to make us waiting long time for the next food to be served.

Royal Selangor Club Dinner 14
This was the fried rice that was surrounded by the leaf, It had a special taste and smell of the rice, absolutely different style of cook and seldom eat this style of fried rice at normal restaurant.

Royal Selangor Club Dinner 16
Eventually the last plate of the dessert was served, It was the longan fruit with a bowl of sweet-water.

Royal Selangor Club Dinner 15
This was the “Kuih”. There were 2 taste of the Kuih, which are “Kaya” taste and “Yam” taste. Both were delicious.

Royal Selangor Club Dinner 17
When I tried to mix the “Kuih” with the sweet-water and the longan, It was really taste good and nice. At the end everyone of us was very full and we just not able to finish all plates of foods, so we just request to take away the foods.


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