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Nowadays, there are thousand of web photo services and tools available on the Internet. After I have visited to a web photo slide shows service, I feel the service is user friendly and very easy to use. Once I signed up an account at their website, I started to upload some of my favorite photos to create a simple slide show. By using the tool provided by Roxio online, I can make a slide photos show in about five minutes within three steps.

Personalize photos slide show

First step, I used to upload a batch of photos, then personalize my photos slide show by adding the favorite style such like Baseball, Grid, Island Vacation, July 4th,

Mosaic Flow, Road Trip, Summer, World or more; Arrange the photos; Captions for each of the photos; Select Music, title, stickers as well as border adjustment. Besides these, add the photos, you can also upload video file that less than 20MB for each of single file.

Share photos slide show

After completed first and second steps, then I proceed to share my slide shows to public. There are four options of the sharing, such like email; link posting to web page or blog; get it on video DVD; broadcast to TV., this is the simple photo slide show that I have created. There are four photos slide shows, and these are my favorite movies photos and wallpapers. Through the Roxio Online photo slide shows, I can easily manage and public my collected and favorite movies photos to my friends.

Instead of using their services for personal photos slide show, you can also use this service to promote your company products as well as project demonstration and make it to video DVD and promote to your customers. Feel free to try, It is free for using this web service.


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