Roti Tissu Dessert

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

One of the famous food from Mamak stall is roti tissue. This food sometimes is called as roti tissue prata/ roti helikopter, which is one of the most creative looking and delicious food at any Mamak food stall. It is a much thinner version of traditional food of roti canai, and it is as thin as 40 ~ 50 cm round shaped tissue.

To make roti tissue requires skill and creativity of the person, sometimes the roti tissue look bad if the person who makes it was not experienced. Roti tissue is sometimes coated with sweet substances, such like sugar, planta, kaya (jam).

Roti Tissu 1
This was the roti tissue, it was sweet and crispy and delicious dessert.

Roti Tissu 2
It cost about RM1.50 ~ RM2.00. This was one of my favorite food and dessert, which was introduced by my girl friend long time ago. Thanks so much.Haha

Trophy and keropok
Besides the roti tissue, that time I also bought the twisty and trophy as dessert after my dinner. RM1.50 for the twisty and RM2.00 for the trophy ice-cream.


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