Public bank’s debit card for paypal withdrawal

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A month ago, I had applied public bank’s electronic debit card, It took around 2 weeks for the process then I received a postal email from public bank to request me deposit RM25 to my debit card, before the card can be issued to me, so I just went to public bank and deposit RM25 to my debit card.

After deposit RM25, they told me to wait for the postal mail about my debit card will be issued, so I wait another 1 week to get the notice about my debit card had been issued, and request me to public bank to collect it. So, last week I got my debit card already. The card is yellow in color, look like example below.

Example of the electron debit card from public bank.

debit card denied
Then, I quickly login to to add card. First time, my debit card was rejected/ denied and I not nervous because I knew many people had successfully withdraw the money, so I though might be some steps that I missed. Then I surfing the Internet and figure out the problem, just knew that, we need to put some money in the card, because Paypal will charge around $1 for the new card added.

debit card accepted
Then I quickly run to public bank, that located downstairs of my working place. And I put in RM50 to my debit card, then rush back to the office and add the card again. Yes, this time, I successfully added my card to my paypal account.

1st withdrawal
Followed, I withdraw $185 at my Paypal account. Paypal will charge $5 for the transaction fee, and daily limit transaction is $500.

1st confirmed withdrawal
The withdrawal request was set at pending status. That day was 16 of April, Wednesday I request for the withdrawal, and surprise that my money was successfully transfer to my debit card at 19 of April, Saturday morning when I logged in to my Paypal account, really fast.

Today, I went to public back check the balance at my debit card, I got RM632.++, then request withdrawal from my debit card. It means that

RM632 (Received)
minus RM25 (Deposit)
minus RM50 (I put in) = RM557 (Gross)
RM557 / $180 = 3.09

So, the exchange rate is 3.09 for USD to MYR.


7 Comments to “Public bank’s debit card for paypal withdrawal”

  1. Comment 1
    pamsong Says:

    Hmmm. I never knew that it’s possible withdrawing from a debit card. I should try this with PPP one day. Haven’t started on PPP cos I didn’t know how to get the money out in the first place.

  2. Comment 2
    LimCorp Says:

    pamsong, yup it is easy to apply debit card compare to credit card. Also you can withdraw money you earn from paypal as well.haha.

  3. Comment 3
    Earn $150 To $500 Daily With This System! | Says:

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  4. Comment 4
    dewina Says:

    i want to ask,do i have to enter the number that state in the postal mail when i want to deposit the money?

  5. Comment 5
    LimCorp Says:

    Dewina, if you want to deposit money to your public bank debit card, you can go to cash deposit machine and enter your debit card number (16 digits) and the amount you want to deposit. It is very easy.

  6. Comment 6
    sah90 Says:

    thats why I can’t verify my paypal account..
    Tq for sharing..

  7. Comment 7
    abhishek jaguessar Says:

    am a new member in paypal. when i am putting my debit card number, paypal always rejected it. i have try this with many debit cards namely with bank of baroda, bramer banking banking why??????????? sry paypal tells me that my bank have rejected this offer why?

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