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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Presents & Fun |

Last week, I was received at present from my colleague for the celebration of her full month daughter.

My colleague, who took maternity leave few months ago and gracefully gave birth her first child, here I wish to say congratulation for her. As traditionally, each of the staffs at my company was contribute some amount of money to bought her some gifts. There are 6 persons in this company and shared to buy her

1. An anklet – RM339.
2. A bottle sterilizer – RM189.90.

Somehow, she present a box of cakes, biscuits for each of us as return.

Colleague’s daughter full month present 1
A present with a beautiful box and put in the plastic bag.

Colleague’s daughter full month present 2
A box of cake and biscuits, It seem like moon cake present.

Colleague’s daughter full month present 3
This was the contents of the present, the big circle one is the chocolate cake, and the right hand side (In the packets) is the biscuit that called as “Wife Biscuit” that directly translate from mandarin. And the 2 pink in color, ball shape of food is crisply layered biscuit and there is “Coconut kaya”. I almost finish the cake during the weekends, enjoy the cake with a cup of coffee while watching the movies.


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