Pizza as our lunch at office

Thursday, May 15th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Yesterday, we had enjoying our lunch of pizza at office, due to resolve some problems that occur on servers and email issues, and that was some kind of reward from the management that treat us for the pizza during the lunch hour.

Before 12pm, we had already make a call to order pizza through the phone, the operator told us about 45 minutes for the delivery to our office. Just on time, the pizza was delivered to our office at lunch time.

Here we go, the pizza just in warm and hot, It is cheese, tomato, mushroom pizza, and we were preparing to enjoy it. Firstly we not eat the pizza, but the appetite.

This was the baked cinnamon sticks appetite, It is crisp on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside, like melt a butter stick on mouth. It tasted good.

Spicy and prawn mee
Then each of us was picked up the plastic box of the mee as lunch, there were 2 spicy chicken mee, and 2 prawn mushroom mee, I picked the spicy chicken mee, not really tasted good, I suppose to order the prawn and mushroom mee.

Soft drink
After enjoy the mee then we ate pizza then followed by salad and soft drink ~ pessi. It really full and we were not able to finish the pizza and the cinnamon stick, so we ate during the dinner.

pizza2Spicy chicken mee
It cost about RM74.00+ for 4 persons, that include appetite, mee, pizza and soft drink. Really enjoy the meal and it was a reward meal from the management.


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