Ogawa Roadshows @ the curve

Saturday, July 26th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Quite a long time, I had not visited to the curve shopping center, and missed out many activities and roadshows. Few weeks ago, I went there to have a visit again and that time Ogawa was having a roadshows there and promoting their sensual massage chair and smart massage chair. Many people was curious and trying for Ogawa products.

Ogawa Show 1
Ogawa was having a lot of roadshows from place to place and having the “Ogawa virtual football challenge” games few months ago at the curve entrance hall. Beside the roadshows at the curve entrance hall, I went to the highest floor at the curve, just knew that, there are more shops which I never realize that.

the curve highest floor
“bb Maxx” that selling shirt, daily uses items, electronic equipments and so on.

the curve shopping center
“Living Quarters” selling beds, pillows and so on. Even though, the curve is not as big as One Utama, it consists of many shops that selling different products items and having changeable functions; events; roadshows at the entrance hall every week.


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