New decoration at One Utame for this coming CNY

Thursday, January 24th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Less than 2 weeks, We are celebrating Chinese new year 2008. Many shopping centers have been changed from Christmas’ snowman, Christmas tree decoration to lantern, flower, Chinese traditional fashion and new look.

Most of the favorite colors used for the decoration are red and gold, which the red symbolizes happiness and gold symbolizes wealth. 2008 is the year of Rat, so many shops selling accessories, greeting cards are use the images of rat to attract people to buy and increase business sell volume. Few days ago, i was visiting One Utama shopping complex, quite surprising with the scenes, just like having a new look of the shopping complex. I took some photos as below.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 1
This was taken at the second floor, the stage was setup quite a long time, no sure it prepares for the performance, or just a simple decoration, for visitors to take photos.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 2
Around that area, people are selling different type of stuffs, such like drawing, Chinese handwriting words, house decoration accessory and so on. Many people was visiting each of the stall, for those interesting stuffs.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 4
At second floor, there are 4 big characters, return in Chinese. First 2 on the left are “Gong Xi, which mean congratulate.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 3
Whereas on the right hand side there are another 2 word called “Herz Nian”, which mean prospect year. This phase means, to congratulate you having a prospect New Year.


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