National day and Pizza Hut’s Chicken Wing

Saturday, September 6th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

31st August 2008 was Malaysia 51st national day and it was Sunday, so the following Monday was the replacement holiday. Most of the people were enjoying the three holidays at shopping center; home; happy hours at clubs or pubs for National day celebration but I was spent my holiday at office with colleagues to work on some urgent tasks and debug for the projects.

Due to the time frame was short and projects need to be delivered soon, so we were stayed from morning 9am to night 11.30pm, the most crazy working hours, but I was enjoying to work together and fixed all the problem that required by the management from Paris. Normally our company will pay RM200 for on-duty staffs at holiday, but that day was National holiday, and many staffs not willing back to work, so management decided to pay RM600 ~ RM800 per day, who working on the National holiday (Monday). This was announced by our branch manager, we were not confirmed this was real or just a simple kidding.

pizza and chicken wing

Yet, we were stayed late and we ordered our dinner at pizza hut because they provide a fast delivery service and variety of choice. This time we tried the Pizza Hut popular side items in all-in-one package.


The photos shown above were the three in one dine package, chicken wings remain Pizza hut most popular side choice followed by bread sticks and cinnamon sticks. For me all the food were delicious. This were the fourth time we eat pizza.


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