My working company 5th anniversary celebration

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Third of March, was our company 5th Anniversary. It was usual as normal working day, and we did not have very big celebrate like other big company because we only have few staffs working here after 4 staffs had resigned few weeks ago.

At first we not expect to have celebration, but someone have suggested to have it, so we went to Secret Recipe Cake house to buy a cake and celebrate during the tea time hour.

Cake from secret recipe
This is the cake we bought from Secret Recipe. My colleague just simply choose the cake from the showcase counter because we not have idea on cake selection and determine which cake is the best.

Secret Recipe Cake 2
This was the chocolate black forest cake, with the grape fruit inside and cherry fruit on the top surface of the cake.

Secret Recipe Cake 1
We put on the candles and light up it, then we just sang a song and eat the cake together.

Secret Recipe Cake 3
Each of us had big share of the cake but still not finish it, so we cut into several pieces and took it home to enjoy it. All these photos was taken by me and colleague, beside these I also took the video of the celebration and group photos. It will be fun if we occasionally have these opportunities to celebrate on certain events, might fresh our mind for the following tasks and projects.


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