My Hong Kong @ China Trip A week later

Saturday, December 13th, 2008 | In LimCorp Dot Net |

I never been Hong Kong, Disney Land before and most of the time I can just dream of it or seen this famous entertainment kingdom in the movie or discovery channel.

My trip to China, Hong Kong as well as the Disney Land will be imposed at this coming 20th of December. This eight days trip package was offered by travel agent at Kuching and visit to seven places in both Hong Kong and China.

HK Disney Land
A photo of wonderful scene at Disney Land. According to the whether report at Hong Kong last week, there was about 10 degree Celsius of cold whether. I was planned this Hong Kong and China trip about one year ago, eventually the time for travel is coming soon, and there will lot of things that need to be prepared such like changing the Hong Kong and China currency; Thick jackets; chocolates and much more.

Sometimes, an early and well planned traveling at the end of the year will always give us the motivation; encouragement; self satisfaction on works or daily live over the whole year, so I think this will also be the best experience for traveling to these places although there will be very rush for visiting seven places within eight days in both Hong Kong and China Countries.


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