My ex-colleague wedding dinner

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

One month ago, I attended for my ex-colleague wedding at Subang, Selangor. That day was Saturday, a non working day, but i was busy and went to Kuala Lumpur to buy something because the following day, I on schedule to Singapore for 1 week holiday. Spent 1 week shopping and visiting Singapore with family.

Back to topic, that night I was attended for the Invitation. Since quite a long time i have not attended celebration, dinner and gathering after went to Petaling Jaya, Selangor to work. It was good to meet all my ex-colleague and friends, sat on the same table and had dine with them.

Although, there were many people sang, dance, performance at the stage, we more focus on the food, and beverages. I more concentrated on taking food photos, because there were too delicious.

appetite plate
Superior four hot & cold combination meal. An appetite dish. This is the first plate of food served, and everyone seem very hungry and rush to grab the food, while I still taking the photo. It looked blur, and not have chance to snap a photo shot again, because half already had been eaten by them. :P

shark fin
Shar’k fin soup. This is second bowl. We all waiting waitress to take the pork meat here.

shark fin with pork meat
Shar’k fin soup with pork meat. Here the pork meat served. When mix with the Shar’k fin soup, It is really delicious and crispy. Soooo nice, really wish to eat again and again.

fish dish
Steamed live red mullet fish with minced ginge & soya sauce. After a while, this was the three dish. It was hot and a bit sweet and sour, really taste good and perfect meal.

prawn plate
Wok friend “Marmite” live tiger prawns. This is fourth plate, the prawn was cook with cream oil and some delicious sauce, with potato. So pity was the prawn was very little, seem everyone was expect more prawn served.

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