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Friday, October 31st, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

It has been long time not having my dine at Murni since I switched my job from SS2 to KLCC about three months ago. Last week I met my old college friend at KLCC after work and we were having the same direction to the terminal of LRT station at Kelana Jaya. From there, we planned to have our dinner at the famous cafe “Murni”, which is located at SS2 the same row of public bank.

Murni served many different kind of foods from fried to steam; from local style of roti canai to western style-like of foods. The most famous local dishes such like roti Hawaii; roti chicken; roti scramble; sizzling chicken chop; spaghetti black paper; fried rice and much more, those rotis are having different contents and topped with different type of sauce, mayonnaise, tomato. There have lot of special beverage such like ice-blended mango special; kiwi special; honey drew special; water melon special; teh ice and so on.

That night, we were ordered some special foods because these special foods such like roti Hawaii, roti Nan only available at evening whereas during the lunch time, they only serve those normal foods such like fried rice, fried mee and no much of choice.

Murni - Hawaii Pizza 1
This was my dinner, Roti Hawaii that topped with a layer of mayonnaise and three different sauces (Curry chicken, Curry fish and tomato chili). Mixed the sauces with the Roti Hawaii make the foods more delicious.

Murni - Hawaii Pizza 2
Inside the Roti Hawaii, there was lot of chicken meat, hot dog, egg. It was really the most perfect and delicious food on the table.

Murni - Dragon Pizza 1
This was the Roti Dragon, with the special tomato sauce. The shape look like the dragon but all is made with the bread. Frankly said, It was not tasted as good as the Roti Hawaii.

Murni - Teh Tarik
I also ordered the teh tarik. Besides these, we ordered Roti Nan, the shape is look like the Roti Hawaii but the taste is as good as the Roti Hawaii, that topped with the Honey, really delicious.

The total price for one Roti Hawaii; one Roti Nan; one Roti dragon; two teh tarik only cost RM23. The price was absolutely cheap compare to many other restaurants, Mamak stall around the PJ and KL areas. This is the main reason that lot of people will have their dine at this cafe very frequently. By telling my friends and colleagues the food cafe of Murni, most of them will know where this cafe is located and what special delicious foods to order.


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