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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Tried out some others special foods, other than just eat the fast food. That was “Cantonese style cook of mee soup”. The mee was fried with vegetable, chicken meat, squid. It was delicious. Long time not eat this kind of mee. The price has been increased from RM4 to RM4.50 per plate.

My Dinner 1
Cantonese style cook of mee soup. RM4.50.

My Dinner 2
Cantonese style cook of mee soup. RM4.50. Mix the mee with the belacan sauce was the best taste.

My Dinner 4
Crispy chicken rice, with black paper sauce. RM4.50.

Other than these, I also like to eat some dessert such like bubur cha-cha; Cendol.

Bubur cha-cha translated to English is Dessert porridge, which is a dessert of cooled sweet potato, yams, sago, coconut milk and rock sugar made fragrant with pandan-screwpine leaves; Whereas Cendol – A coconut Ice Frosty, which is a small strips made from green pea flour and sweet red beans are topped with the shaved ice and thick coconut milk.

Just can not resist for the temptation of the foods and beverages.


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