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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Meals station that located in the ground floor at Wisma UOA II, is a small restaurant provides many special Malay styles of foods and beverages. At morning; lunch time and tea break hours, this restaurant is crowded with people. The price of food at this restaurant is considered average as other restaurant.

I had been working at Wisma UOA around three months, and last week was my first time had my lunch at this restaurant before our office moved to Ampang park. This restaurant is selling various of Malay style of foods, such like Nasi lemak, curry chicken, Asam laksa, Mee rebus and so on.

That time me, and all my colleagues were attended at this restaurant for our lunch. This was the free meal that paid by company, as a farewell lunch for one of our colleague had been resigned and decided to leave our company. Due to variety of restaurants to choice and we had went through many of those restaurants such like McDonalds’, KFC, Nando’s, Kenny Rogers. So lastly we decided to have a try at Meals station restaurant that just located below our old office at UOA II.

Meals Station 1
Curry Chicken nasi lemak. A Medium dish of rice and fresh vegetable.

Meals Station 2
Plus another plate of curry chicken, that cost about RM8.50, before adding the tax and services charges.

Meals Station 3
A fried chicken wing in a small food basket as add on meal. We ordered 3 ~ 4 baskets of this chicken wing side order, and each basket cost RM4.50.

Meals Station 4
I was ordered the iced chocolate favor of drink that cost RM3.50. So full after finished the Curry chicken nasi lemak and few pieces of chicken wings. The foods were taste goods at this restaurant and the price were considered standard as normal air-conditional restaurant. After our office moved to Ampang park, there is no more variety of food choice among that area, unless we going to the suria KLCC.


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