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Monday, May 12th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last Friday, we had lunch at secret recipe at SS2, PJ. Secret Recipe is a professional cake house/ restaurant that especially produces many type of delicious cakes, such like cream, topping, pudding, chocolate, vanilla cake and so on.

Beside selling cake, they also have set lunch, such like Assam Laksa, spaghetti, Dim Sum for tea break, curry pub and juice drink. Foods and beverage are delicious, and also the price is above RM12, excluding service tax 10% and government charges 5%.

Secret recipe
The plate and gallery of secret recipe just beside my seat, so I just grab my camera and took some photos.

Indoor of secret recipe
The restaurant not very big and not many customers, it is a silent place to enjoy the foods.

Fish and chip
I was ordered fish and chip. RM15.00. It was delicious while quite a long time I did not try western food already.

Cheese cake
Before I finish my dish, my colleague already went to choose the cake, because they could not resist the temptation of the cake photos, around the restaurant.Haha.

Fish and chip 2Cheese cake photoChocolate cakeCheese cake and chocolate cake
Here are more photos of the cheese cake and chocolate cake and the cheese taste more delicious than the chocolate cake. Really enjoy the cake, soon my colleague birthday, I will have another chance to enjoy the cake once again. How good can enjoy the dessert and good foods once a week, at the good and silent environment.


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