Lunch at murni, SS2 PJ

Saturday, June 21st, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

SS2 Murni, is the very famous place around the PJ area, it is good for lunch and dinner there. The place is not very big, but lot of people likes to go there for dinner, especially after 7pm onward and during weekends.

The most famous foods are roti (bread) hawaii, roti scramble, roti Mayonnaise and lot of preferable foods. People like dine at there, not only because the food is delicious, variety choice, but also the price is very cheap even the foods are extremely taste good.

kuay tiew soup
Normally I will order fried rice, fried mee, mee soup and so on, because roti hawaii and other special foods only available at evening time.

kuay tiew soup 2
This is Kuay Tiew Soup, Only RM4.00. Not only cheaper in price, quality taste and absolute economic meal.

chicken rice with egg tart
Additional, this is not the food ordered at Murni, but is my dinner that bought from my living place, the photo I took seem quite clear so just post it here. Chicken rice RM3.50, egg tart RM1.20.

PJ Area, is the food heaven, many restaurants I have not discovered yet.


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