Lunch at McDonald’s Restaurant

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last week, me and my colleagues were having our lunch at McDonald’s restaurant which is located at KLCC’s food court. This was my first time having lunch at McDonald’s since nine months ago.

Most of the time, I will go KFC for my dine, maybe because the price at KFC is slightly cheaper than McDonald’s; McDonald’s has not variable of foods to choose, and it mainly on selling burger; nuggets and grilled chicken foldover only.

mcdonald’s 1
That day, I was ordered the McChicken burger with add on McShaker fries and big size of coke. The price for this package included the added was cost RM10.25.

mcdonald’s 2
McShaker is the special pepper source ingredients with orange color, that uses to mix with the fries, it makes the fries spicy and good taste.

As conclude, the burger and the vegetable were not fresh enough and felt sour when ate the vegetable that topped above the chicken meat, only the chicken and the fries are good tasted. That is not a good idea to order the burger from McDonald’s.


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