Lovely Chocolate (Part 4)

Friday, March 7th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

Here are the last post for the lovely chocolate weblog photo posting at here. Absolutely this is the great opportunity to see how creative the cake maker come out with these lovely and beautiful cake.

Some of the following cakes photos are my favorite type of cake, especially the strawberry cake, ice-cream cake and so on, this is really amazing, hopefully one day I could enjoy these cake with my loved one.Haha.

Lovely Chocolate 31Lovely Chocolate 32
Strawberry, grade, nuts and cheese cake, this is special made of for client’s personally request. On the right hand side is a piece of 2 layers coconut cake.

Lovely Chocolate 33Lovely Chocolate 34
Coffee, chocolate and biscuit surface layer cake; 2 layers coconut cake, photo shot taken from side angle.

Lovely Chocolate 35Lovely Chocolate 36
Black forest layer cake; Strawberry cheese cake.

Lovely Chocolate 37Lovely Chocolate 38
100% Chocolate made of cake; pudding and chocolate ingredient.

Lovely Chocolate 39Lovely Chocolate 40
Small layers chocolate pie cake; Chocolate little circle shape of cake.

Lovely Chocolate 41Lovely Chocolate 42
Love shape of breakfast bread; Ice-cream in 2 favour, which is chocolate and strawberry taste. Haha, all are the sweet and lovely chocolate cake from my four continued posts. Hope you enjoy what you have seen on my weblog here, also for my friends, that could make you more energy on you works and get motivated.


2 Comments to “Lovely Chocolate (Part 4)”

  1. Comment 1
    Didi Says:

    Nice picture.. makes my mouth watery

  2. Comment 2
    LimCorp Says:

    Didi, thanks for visit my weblog.haha.

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