Lovely Chocolate (Part 3)

Friday, March 7th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

Lovely Chocolate continued on its part 3, which is the 21st onward of the delicious chocolate photos to be shown at my weblog here. How creative you are in term of made a delicious cake? but for me, I only how to eat and never think of how to made the cake in more attractive with those creative ideas.

Below are the 10 photos about the lovely chocolates that are uniquely on the market. Some are home made and not for sales, some are personal made for decoration purpose.

Lovely Chocolate 21Lovely Chocolate 22
Ladybird nut shape chocolates; Flower ton of planta oil cake.

Lovely Chocolate 23Lovely Chocolate 24
Ice-cream fountain chocolate, best to mix with strawberry. I taste this before at Singapore, It is sweets and absolutely enjoy it; Chocolate cute box for present your cake your your lover.

Lovely Chocolate 25Lovely Chocolate 26
Circle donut shape of strawberry grade pie. Roller-circle shape of chocolate cakes.

Lovely Chocolate 27Lovely Chocolate 28
Cheese and coffee bean cake; Chocolate with cheese cake.

Lovely Chocolate 29Lovely Chocolate 30
Chocolate nuts and bean cake; Chocolate with rose style of cake present, for any session of celebration need.


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