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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

From my previous post about celebrate our company 5th anniversary and we celebrated with a big cake from Secret Recipe, It just make me remember of this post all about the cute and lovely chocolates from the forward mail that sent by ex-colleague quite a long time ago.

These photos are the sources from my Yahoo mail and these lovely chocolates are just for the display and information sharing purpose and I wish to archive all the foods photos and informative news at my weblog here for future refer and memorable this sweet time with the great foods.Haha

Lovely Chocolate 1Lovely Chocolate 2
A block shape of cheese nut chocolate; Thin wrap flower chocolate.

Lovely Chocolate 3Lovely Chocolate 4
Pieces of rose sign chocolate; A box of present chocolate.

Lovely Chocolate 5Lovely Chocolate 6
A butterfly shape of sweet chocolate; Stick of sweet and ball shape chocolate.

Lovely Chocolate 7Lovely Chocolate 8
Circle of alphabetical chocolate; Multi color and shape of chocolates.

Lovely Chocolate 9Lovely Chocolate 10
Coco cherry black chocolate; Biscuit shape of chocolate.

Expect the end of the photo showcase?.. No. There will be much more to come after I complete edit those chocolates photos at my local disk drive. I should need more time to adjust those photos and upload them before put them on live at my weblog here. More chocolates photo are queued to be shown.


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