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Saturday, March 1st, 2008 | In My Featured Blocks |

Nowadays, many ways of advertisements are available for the website owners to promote their website, introduce their products and services publicly to the world, so that people will know, visit the website, give feedback or even buy products from their website. The power of advertising is absolutely strong to initial your business solutions.

This post is regard about the Featured Blocks that was built by me few months ago, It is part of advertising method that available for everyone to advertise or promote their website; weblog at Featured Blocks.

This is block spot advertising method that offers ONLY 198 of featured blocks for advertiser to purchase, It is simple and easy to advertise your website with a few clicks start from the grid spots selection page.

LimCorp Featured Blocks
Promote your website; weblog at Featured Blocks.

We ensure that your link is at lease 15 years at Featured Blocks once you have make the purchase. Also the most attractive part would be the Featured Block Prizes awards program that open in 2 categories, which are Featured Blocks Prizes and Link2 Us Prizes. Visit Prizes webpage for details information.

Featured Block Prizes Awards
Featured Blocks Prizes category is open to the advertiser that at least purchase one spot at Featured Block, and stand a chance to win $500 cash prize to your Paypal account. The more spot you purchase, the more chances that you attended to win the prizes.

Whereas Link2 Us Prizes category is open for everyone to participate, as long as their link to us from their website or weblog; write review; promote your website and so on. participators required to submit their website name and URL after link to us, so that we know that you are participated on the Link2 Us Prizes section.

Featured Blocks Link2 Us Form
Example of submission form at Link To Us.

Prizes selection will be based on the fair system selection (will announce soon), once all the spot (198 Featured Blocks) have been sold. Also visit our HowTo, FAQ, Terms webpages for more information. Wish you success on your business.


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