Life cycle of expired domains

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Recently just found an interested news, when searching for the domain name. Previously I through that expired domain will automatically switch to open mode for the public to register and own that domain, but actually the process is more complicated that I through.

Mostly registrars allow domain name owners to renew their domain name during the first 0 – 45 days of the auto renew grace period, and in this days period renewal is still possible for the formal owner. If the domain name’s owner still no take any action, domain name will go through a 30 days redemption period, during this hold time, the domain name ceases to be active.

If the domain registrant does not renew or make a redemption for the domain name, on the 31st day, domain will go through the pending deletion phase, the registrant can not renew the domain name and get the domain name back, after 5 days the domain name will be deleted by domain registry, make it to be non-existent and allow other to register it as a new domain name.

This is all about the expired domain name life cycle.


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