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Friday, September 26th, 2008 | In Info & Technology |

This was the LG mobile phone show at Ikano power center/ Ikea about months ago and that was the first time at Ikano power center I saw the real models presented the mobile show.

There were totally six models that carry different types of LG mobiles and stood on the stage. Every five to ten minutes, they were switched position among the other models. In that five to ten minutes they stood like a statue without a move, so many people thought they were not the real person, until they swapped position then made everyone surprised they actually were the real models for this LG mobile show.

hand phone models 1
This was the photo I took last time, when I shopping at Ikea shopping center.

hand phone models 2
Only when the models changed their standing style, then I just realized they were real models. Beside this, many people just surrounding that area and watched for the show.

LG phone
LG mobile, could be one of the 3G and multi-purposes mobile. No matter in term of design, features, functions and usability, it is considered the best.


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