Knight Rider Movie 2008

Sunday, August 17th, 2008 | In Movies Entertainment |

An Interesting movie Knight Rider, I have just watched last night. This is a good movie for those like actions and super car related movies.

The story is more about the coolest car K.I.T.T (Knight Industries Three Thousand). It was cerated by a genius, Charles Graiman. The supercomputer installed machine that capable to hack almost any system; It has the efficient weapon system and capable of transform its shape and color into another to lost focus from the enemy that tries to chase Charles’ daughter. With the artificial intelligence of the system, kitt can scan for the security system, survey, and suggest the best approach for its owner. Kitt can logically, precisely and possessing infinite knowledge to the owner of the car.

Kitt is bullet proof (as it can auto fix the bullet holes) while the supercomputer system in the car is turned on, and it can be drive in auto-pilot mode and fast in driving speed (Drive 627KM in 3 hours 17 minutes). Kitt has a lot more abilities and this cause a gang of international mercenaries intent on stealing Charles’s research called as “Prometheus” and the gang has turned their attention to both Charles and his daughter. This was the exciting part for the movie began, and how kitt tried to protect Charles’s daughter from the bad guys that attempt to abduct her.

Knight Rider is clearly for everyone to watch with the clean, fun show added with some violent and gun shooting scenes.


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