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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

I used to have my lunch at KL sentral food court when I first came to KL and stayed at the area that beside the KL sentral about two years ago. Last week, I was searching for a room to rent, which is near KL and near to my working place. In the middle of searching for the room for rent at KL area, I was having my lunch at KL sentral food court again. Even long time not have dine at this food court there was nothing changes such like the stalls, environment, facility as well as the foods price.

kl sentral food court 1
The food court is located at the highest floor (2nd floor) of the building. Mostly people will have their lunch and dinner at this food court because the food price is reasonable without government tax and service charges.

kl sentral food court 2
The walk path to the food court after escalator. Inside the food court, there are two separate zones, the large zone is for non-smoking seat and a small zone is built especially for the smoking people to sit. There are about ten stalls that selling foods and beverages in this food court with variety of choices.

roasted chicken rice
This was my lunch, roasted chicken rice at cost RM4.50 only. It is very rare to get this cheap of food price around the KL area.

For your information, almost all the restaurants, street stalls (except push cart hawker) in KL, were graded for their quality and safety of their selling and kitchen areas. The health department grading them by mounted a card in color of green; yellow; and red with the letter such like A; B; C; D, and this grade will be put in the entrance wall or near the cashier counter of the restaurants and stall. A is excellent, B is good, C is moderate and D is poor. Always look for the color and alphabet of the card to know the quality of hygeinity of the place. The best and hygiene eating places always go to the shopping complex food court, most of shopping complexes in KL have their own food court and served our local dishes.


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