KL city night view

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

I have been working at KL since last Friday, and gradually get use of the environment and living style there. What I can say about KL is almost everything (Foods, stuffs, parking fee and so on) are expensive.

After I choose to switch my job to KL, I have a long trip from my house at petaling jaya go along to KL City every working days, It takes nearly 2 hours travel for a single way by bus and LRT (train) to reach KL and vice versa. Sometimes, people will think that, this is not worth for the long travel and expensive foods at KL city, but as long as I can get the much better salary and learning new skills, this will be the best try for myself.

KL Petronas Twin Tower 2
This was the photo that I took last Friday after work. I went to PC fair 2008 that located at KL conversion centre.

KL Petronas Twin Tower 1
Seldom go to KL at night, never know that the night view is so attractive and beautiful, especially the scene of the well known KL petronas twin towers.

Twin Towers shopping center 1
This is the shopping complex inside the KL petronas twin towers; I might pass through everyday from the LRT (train) station to my office at wisma UOA.

Twin Towers shopping center 2
Issey Miyake showcase at the shopping complex.


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