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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Quite a long time, I did not go to KFC due to heavy workload during weekdays and tiredness during weekends. Last week, I decided went to KFC restaurant to buy a great meal for the self-reward.

I saw the board listed, the x-meal “Xtra choice, xtra variety”, so decided to order it because I never eat x-meal before since this product was introduced long time ago. Basically this package includes 1 chicken burger (Zinger maxx), 1 piece of chicken meat, 1 cola float (Cola plus 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream).

kfc-xmeal 1
This is the x-meal chicken burger. You can ask for any side order such like fried potato wedges, or some add-on menu items. This package is cost RM10.10 including the 5% government tax without any add-on or side order.

kfc-xmeal 2
This was the package items of KCF x-meal. Just enough for 1 person’s dinner. It not include any potato wedges or rice.

kfc-xmeal 3
I was eating while watching the downloaded movie “Forbidden Kingdom”. Quite a good enjoyment. This was quite worth for ordering this package compare to colonel chicken rice set because the rice was not nice and very hard to eat, so I will not order any KFC package that offering rice. I think KFC is good in serving chicken pieces, burger but NOT rice.


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