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I used to eat donut as my breakfast before I moved to a new place that near KLCC. I have been working at KLCC about three months, this was the second time that our manager treat us for the donut as the tea break.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee
This time, the donuts were bought from J.Co Donuts & coffee. Where J.Co is a bakery retailer in Indonesia that specializing in donuts and coffee, it began trading in year 2005. J.Co is the fastest growing donuts & coffee chain in South-East Asia, within a short span of two and a half year, it has grown to 30 outlets in nine cities in Indonesia, and recently began foray into Malaysia with the opening of an outlet in Pavilion Shopping Mall, KL. J.Co is famous for its wide variety of donuts.

Donut 1
A dozen has 12 unique type of donuts. Each of the donut was made by using the different ingredients and recipes such like the IceBerg, Green Teaser, coloring, honey, cream, grape, chocolate of the donuts.

Donut 2
This was the seconds dozen of the donuts, before I took the photo my colleagues were enjoyed eating the donuts already, because we were tempted by the delicious smell and the colorful design of the donuts. The price for the Glazzy and Assorted donuts as below.

Glazzy Donuts.
RM2.00 – A donut
RM9.60 – Half dozen
RM16.20 – A dozen
RM28.60 – Two dozens

Assorted Donuts.
RM2.30 – A donut
RM11.00 – Half dozen
RM19.10 – A dozen
RM33.40 – Two dozens

J.Co Donuts & coffee offering unique and original mixed flavor of donuts and beverages to everyone that not likely tasted before. They also use the best ingredients with the special recipe to make the donuts. I can not deny their creativity and innovation of donuts making, the tastes are good with lot of cream and delicious mixtures. Also the donuts making skills are professional, with beautiful and colorful outlook.

From their website, their claim that these donuts were made from the healthy ingredients. jcodonuts.com:
“We would only use the best, premium quality ingredients and we would make sure that what we put in our products have health benefits for YOU”.

We were really enjoy the donuts, and not able to finish these two big dozens of donuts at the end of the day.


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