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Monday, April 28th, 2008 | In Info & Technology |

Few months ago, our company has tendered a project, that partner with Jaring. Jaring Communications is the most famous place to apply dial-up connection; pay bill for the streamyx broadband connection. Almost every week me and my colleague as technical consultant need to have meeting with Jaring staffs for the project.

Of course, we also went to Jaring communications data center to check the servers that belong to our company. The data center of Jaring is located at the ground floor of the Jaring’s building.

Servers at Jaring 1
When the lift arrived at the ground floor, It was very cold, and the air-con is on 24 hours to prevent the servers overheat. Above photo shown that when the staff lead us to the servers room, there are lot of servers, in the server racks.

Servers at Jaring 2
All the switches, extensions, cables, CPUs, monitors are sorted very tidily. We went to check our server and the hardware, software specification, in order to host for the project.

Servers at Jaring 3
This is our servers, look like normal personal computer but all the hardware and software specification have been fully upgraded to support our project for thousand of future customers.

Servers at Jaring 4
This is the high specification servers from the front look. The monitor for the admin to manage the both servers. Basically, this is all about the data center, we had a half day trip for visiting the data center at Jaring.


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