Internet Scam, beware of it

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Nowadays, there are many Internet scams, the methods used to cheat people are getting stupid and old fashion. Last night I received an email from ICB (International Commercial Bank), first I thinking of, NO free meal on the world, NO get rich without hard work Or they want me to commit in crime activity. Below is the original contents of the email and the response I wrote to them. They turned to be a turtle and not dare to reply my email.

Someone claimed to be the manager of ICB wrote to me.

FROM: Mr. Kofi Alfonso
International Commercial Bank.
Kaneshie Branch, Accra-Ghana.
West Africa.

My name is Mr. Kofi Alfonso; I am the regional manager of the international commercial bank of Ghana. I got your information through the Internet and hope and wish that we can work together.

I have successfully and carefully packaged a financial transaction that will benefit both of us. As the regional manager of the international commercial bank (ICBGH). It is my duty and responsibility to send in, a financial report to the head office of my bank here in Accra (Ghana) at the end of each fiscal year.

In the course of report and submission of the end of the year (2007) financial activities of my branch to the head office. I discovered that my branch in which I am the head and the manager made an outstanding profit of US$7, 700,000.00 (Seven Million seven hundred thousand dollars only) which is unaccounted and undeclared and of which the head office is not and will never be aware of. I have since and accordingly placed the funds (US$7, 700,000.00) in a suspense account without any beneficiary.

As the manager and an employee of the bank, I can not be directly involved and connected with the money, so this has informed my contacting you for us to work together so that you can assist in receiving this money into your bank account for us to share.

For your involvement and participation in the scheme, you shall receive 30% of the total money after conclusion. The transaction (scheme) is risk free and the money will be transferred to your designated account through bank-to-bank transfer via telegraphic wire transfer. All that you will require to do is to stand and make claim as the original and bonafide depositor of the funds with the bank (my branch) so that my head office will give approval for the transfer of the funds to your designated account.

Note that as the manager of my branch of the bank that all the requisite and necessary arrangements have been masterfully and expertly put in place to facilitate your successful claim of the money and the eventual transfer of the money.

Upon your reply of this mail and your indication of interest in the transaction, I shall oblige you further details.

Awaiting your prompt response .
Best regards,
Mr. Kofi Alfonso

I Response to them


ok.what should I do? You got my information, then who am i?


Anonymous, Tom Cruise, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Clark Kent wrote to you.

I am thinking, am I stupid to be involved in this whatsoever “Crime” or “Scam”, Why they did not mention it in Billion, sound more nice.


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