I stayed at home during new year 2008 eve

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

This year was quite special, because this is first time i stayed at home without went to count down, celebrate and join my friends party.

Before went to KL, i used to join my high school friends went to pub, karaoke, sing and had beer while count down. After went to KL, the first year, me and other trainees (software engineering course-mates) went to KL center area to celebrate and count down with more than 10 thousands audiences (so suffered, people smoking, playing spray, shouting, pushing, pulling each others, so i had to walk carefully to prevent from sprayed, pushed, pulled by others, haha).

This year totally work over time until late night and took the bus went home, really not have the mood to play, might because i need to work hard and smart for more revenues, plus i found that it is quite boring that went to count down at street like last year, everyone is pushing, pulling each others and nearly lack of air, hard to breath among the crowded audiences.

That night when i just went in my condominium, people nearby had already starting playing firecracker and count down, especially the One Utame shopping complex there, i could see it, because it is nearby by condominium. After watched the firecracker, then i had my dinner at 12:45pm, first hour of new year 2008.

New year 2008 Supper
Chicken and pork rice. RM 4.30.

After meal, then i went to sleep until next morning, my friend asked me out for lunch, then i went to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) to had my great meal again.

New year 2008 lunch 2
Sizzling chicken mushroom with egg. RM6.50.

New year 2008 lunch 1
Also my favourite drink ~ Coca cola. RM2.00.

New year 2008 at KLCC
Took a few photos around KLCC area before went back home. This new year is much simple then last year and i like it too.


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