Hundred Years Road Restaurant

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Few week ago, that was Friday. Mostly Friday me and other colleagues always have a good meal at cafe or restaurant, because it is last working day of the week so need to entertain ourselves with the good foods. That day we went to Hundred Years road’s restaurant for our lunch. The restaurant is located at SS2, behind the public bank.

In the restaurant, It main food is the curry prawn mee, and we just simply order some meal for our lunch.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 4
This is their name, they are main cook for noodle type of foods, such like prawn mee, “asam” curry mee, fried noodle and so on.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 1
We had a look on the menu, there are quite a lot of foods to select, fried rice, fried noodles, beverages, dessert and many selection.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 2
So, I just ordered a “Kiew Tiaw Soup”, with fish ball. The photo above was the noodles that I tried, it was nice with the big fish ball, chicken meat. The price is RM7.90.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 3
This photo was took from another angel, It was a good and delicious food. If the price is not that expensive and without government tax 5% and service charge 5% then we will go there frequently.


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