How to post youTube video at wordpress blogging platform?

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Recently, I was searching for the way to embed a youTube movie along with the post, that using wordpress as blogging platform. At first, I through It could be hard to embed a movie at wordpress blogging platform, because every time when I copy the embed code from youTube, paste it into the wordpress’ Rich Text Editor and when i preview the post, the movie just not show but with the error close-image at the top-left corner of the movie rectangular box there.

YouTube Embed code
Example of the embed code, which can be found at the bottom of the movie from youTube website. Actually, The fact of embed the movie you like along with the post, at wordpress blogging platform is easy with very steps of tricks. Summary of steps as below.

1. Click on the Users tag follow by Your Profile at wordpress admin panel.
2. Untick the option “Use the visual editor when writing“, then update your profile.
3. Go back to editor and embed the code about the youTube movie, then publish the post. Your youTube movie is published on live now, everyone can see it.

Not use visual editor at wordpress
This the example, where to untick the visual editor when post an article that embed a movie that using wordpress platform. Probably you might return to Users tag to tick the the use of visual editor for your future article writing.


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