How to identify products origin made from?

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After few weeks ago, about the news of the toxic milk and found the liquid milk consists of industrial chemical melamine from china has been revealed, many people afraid of buying and eating foods products import from China, as well as the foods products that consists of the ingredients made from China. The main concern is How to identify the products origin made from? Recently, I have received an email regarding the GS1 Barcode to identify the country of the products that origin from.

product barcode
For example, the product barcode, which can be easily found at the back package of the products. Please identify the first three digits/ prefix of the barcode.

GS1 - prefix
From the three digits/ prefix of the barcode, we can identify where is the origin country that the product actually come from and made from. This is the summary of the country with the three digits of prefix of the barcode to identify the origin products’ country. More detailed list, please refer to this website

The CS1 Identification Keys (ID Keys)
There are seven GS1 identification keys that support the identification of items, services, locations, logistic units, returnable containers and so on. The GS1 company prefix assigned to a user company will allow user company to create any of the GS1 identification keys.

Key concepts such like below.
GTIN – Global Trade Item Number.
GLN – Global Location Number.
SSCC – Serial Shipping Container Code.
GRAI – Global Returnable Asset Identifier.
GIAI – Global Individual Asset Identifier.
GSRN – Global Service Relation Number.
GDTI – Global Document Type Identifier.

This is a information to prevent buyers that buying the products that origin from China, especially the milk powder. As I know, many products import from China other than milk powder are mixed with certain things that could harm your healthy as well as not last longer. Reason behind is, they want to save the initial cost from the production.


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