How much does your website worth?

Monday, June 16th, 2008 | In Tools & Equipments |

Especially for websites or weblogs owners, we are curious how much does our website worth and how much does the daily ads revenue we deserved. There is a website valuation tool that available at, I personally feel that, this website is quite interesting and useful as an analysis tool for any website valuation, even through there is not 100% exact data to proof the worth of the website being calculated but it gives you a brief idea how the website reacted and its values.

If anyone want to buy or sell a website, he or she can using the valuation tool to get the approximate figure and worth of the website in term of traffic rank, google pagerank, backlinks, directory listing and many factors. The overview and summary of the website information will be listed, so enjoy using the tool for analysis the websites you want to know how they worth.

How much does worth? So curious to know and is approximate $2.41 . . .

Billion USD.


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    Tom Says:

    You should also take a look at ; I found it very useful in terms of a website performance. It has some good info on there.

  2. Comment 2
    web directory Says:

    Thanks for sharing good info.

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