Hornbill Streamboat – Kuching

Sunday, April 6th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last time I was at Kuching, almost everyday went to different places to have lunch and dinner. I was keep finding the steamboat restaurant the day before going to eat steamboat, and one of the place was the Hornbill steamboat place, introduced by my girl friend, then we went there to have our dinner. The price per person was about RM18 for the steamboat exclude the soft drink, and all other drinks.

Steamboat 3
At first, we took many tomato sauce, planta sauce (the yellow color bowl, on the photo above), paper sauce and chopsticks then preparing to cook.

Steamboat 1
There were many type of food, such like sotong, vegetables, mushroom, hot dog, fish, prawn and many more foods allow us to choose and cook. So we cook and eat at the same time. We went to get more foods at the back there since guests can eat as many as they can with only RM18, so we just ate slowly until the shop close at around 11pm.

Steamboat 2
This was the steamboat tool that we used to cook the prawn, vegetable and soup, but most of the time was my girl friend cook for me to eat, she really nice and good in cooking. I was almost forgot how to cook after went back from AUS, that I cook for myself most of the time. Haha.

That time we used to eat many prawns, which was the expensive foods at that time. The prawn was almost “out of store” because we just focus and eat the prawn before the shop close at night. It was really full and it was really worth to eat there.


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