Holiday Cruise (part 3)

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 | In Sources From Mails |

Continue from previously 2 posting about the luxury cruise. This is the inner of the luxury cruise and It is beautiful and absolutely a high class of the entertainment everywhere. It is unbelievable that the luxury cruise can have indoor, stadium, stage, a likely street and so on, until I saw it from the photos.

Holiday Cruise 16
A president suit room, big in size, length with many set of sofa. Food is served all the time for the guests.

Holiday Cruise 12
A likely street inside the luxury cruise.

Holiday Cruise 11
A cafe and shopping center are just inside the luxury cruise, guests can go spend some time for it from outdoor entertainment to indoor shopping and eating experience at luxury cruise.

Holiday Cruise 13
The inner stage for the performers to have show and presentation. I believe the programs are scheduled from time to time.

Holiday Cruise 14
Indoor stadium, for guests to enjoy the shows. It is really a multi-purpose/ ways for the guests to entertain themselves.

Holiday Cruise 15
Finally, this is the cockpit of the luxury cruise, all in digital system for controlling the movement of the cruise. It is really impressive and enjoyable will the facilities and entertainment provided.


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