Holiday Cruise (part 2)

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 | In Sources From Mails |

Continue from the first part about the holiday cruise, these are some more photos about the luxury holiday cruise. From different angle, there have a great and attractive scenes to catch your attention of this luxury cruise.

From swimming pool to sport center, from foods court to entertainment bar, all we can go within this luxury cruise, it is absolutely bigger than what we imagine. I think for the outdoor entertainment can take you whole day to enjoy and entertain it.

Holiday Cruise 6
Outdoor golf sport center, for those who are addicted with golf. They can always play the golf and enjoy the sea view or island scenery from the luxury cruise. This could be the nice place for your golf experience and entertainment.

Holiday Cruise 7
Outdoor volleyball, play while the cruise is moving from one place to another.

Holiday Cruise 8
The inner of the luxury cruise, it seems you are walking at a city street. Shops are on your side and food court as well, the decoration are good and place is tidy. You probably do not know photo above is from the inner of luxury cruise.

Holiday Cruise 9
You can take lift to the lever/ floor you stay, at the ground floor is the place for your dine.

Holiday Cruise 10
The side view for you to relax your mind and enjoy the sea view while cruise is moving on the sea. You could imagine that, how good if you can enjoy a couple of days on the board with a group of friends.


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