Happy Moon Cake Festival 2008

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Today is 13rd of September, and tomorrow is Mid-Autumn Moon cake festival, also known as (zhong qiu jie). In Malaysia and Singapore, this is also referred as the Lantern festival. The Chinese Lantern festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of Chinese calendar.

Normally, one month before the Moon cake festival, there are lot of shops buying different varieties, types and shapes of moon cakes. During this festival, It is good to enjoy the moon cake while watch the moon at your garden or carry the Lantern walk around the garden and street with a group of friends.

Wish everyone have a wealth, prospect moon cake festival, and enjoy all the time.

Moon Cake 1
Moon Cakes in the Hello Kitty post letter box.

Moon Cake 2
Moon cakes on the tree house from Winnie the pools.

Moon Cake 3
The Hidden treasure from Winnie the pools are the Moon cakes.

Moon Cake 4
Moon cakes in the box. Best present and gift for your relative or friends.

Moon Cake 5
Moon cakes in the mickey mouse’s car.

Moon Cake 6
Moon cake in the Classical box , with tea cups.

Moon Cake 7
Moon cake in the Hello kitty’s Music box. Absolute unique design and idea for the package of the moon cake.

Moon Cake 8
Moon cake in the box of Astro boy.

Moon Cake 9
Moon cake inside the Cartoon house.

Anyway, early wish all of you have a happy and great Moon cake festival 2008.


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  1. Comment 1
    Julie Says:

    wanna know how to buy the kitty moon cake..?
    i’m from m’sia..:)

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